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Updated October 31, 2006
ABII - 30 hours
This thirty hour class is designed for the registered assistant appraiser to gain those advanced skills and techniques necessary to keep moving towards certification. 

Topics include Advanced Market Analysis, Methods and Materials of Construction, Supply and Demand Analysis, Sales Comparison Techniques, and other in-depth topics.  Also, the basic skills which were thrown at you in ABI will be reviewed in such a way as to demonstrate how they apply to everyday assignments.
FREAB Pre-Certification Course # 0007238
ABIIB - 15 hours
This comprehensive fifteen hour course provides the student with the math skills necessary to continue moving forward. It covers residual techniques, financing, basic capitalization, and basic statistics.

We know that most people don't like math, so we have designed this course with that thought in mind.
FREAB Pre- Certification Course #0007263
National USPAP Update - 7 hours
This course is the one day USPAP update class. Typically this course is attended by certified appraisers. Registered Trainees are advised to attend the 15 hour USPAP class.
FREAB Continuing Education Course #0007408
National USPAP - 15 hours
This course is the two day National USPAP class, and is taught by an AQB certified USPAP instructor. Typically this course is attended by Registered Trainees, but may be attended by certified appraisers for CE credit. Certified appraisers are advised to attend the 7 hour USPAP class.

FREAB Pre- Certification Course #0007409
FNMA Forms Update - 8 hours
Are you prepared for the coming changes? Later this year the new FNMA forms will be required and the changes are substantial. In this one day course learn how these things are changing the appraisal business.
FREAB Continuing Education Course #0007581

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